Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Another attempt at blogging, another travel edition

I really am crap at maintaining this blogging thing. I mean this is about the third I've tried this year, with one based on the mundane stuff I do, one about when we went to Girona, both abandoned like a diabetic kitten when there's an insulin shortage. So I try again and hope to recount our adventures in Poland, taking in Krakow and Zackopane.

This will be our third trip overseas so far this year, so I missed a blog on a week's holiday in Kos (the Greek island, not the salad ingredient). That was fun: warm, relaxing but a bit too much of a holiday resort and the food got a bit samey. Besides that we have also been away for a few trips around the UK, including a return to Manchester to celebrate the life of my mate Dave Purdy, as well as Liverpool for a meeting from work, and Blackpool for an aerobics showcase thing. I also saw some great art in the National Gallery in London on a visit, and at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is on my doorstep and has truly world-class pieces by the likes of Hepworth and Moore.

Anyway, that's enough catching up. We are on a Jet 2 flight this sunday to Poland for a few nights in Krakow sandwiching a few nights in the mountain resort of Zackopane. As with most of these shorter European breaks I really can't get too motivated and enthusiastic as they never seem quite that exotic. Not that we don't have a great time, but it just doesn't feel like an adventure, unlike going to the Far East when everything is different across the whole five senses. It's not like I'm going to get malaria, or dengue. I'm more likely to get beetroot poisoning. Still, it should be cheap, and the two places are rumoured to be great destinations, and we are also going on a day trip to Auschwitz which will be something that will remain with us for a long time.

So there's not much to be said about the run-up to the holiday. No exercise regime as such, no buying exciting kit and sense of awe. It's all boring stuff in the run up to this: getting the car serviced, getting a haircut